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We are excited to announce that a distribution deal with Head Rush Technologies in the US has been agreed, to supply their products to the UK market.

Who are HRT?

These are the guys behind the brilliant magnetic (eddy current) braking system utilised in their TRUBLUE Autobelays that all around the world have been successfully replacing the old Redpoint autobelay system with no known incidents, safety notices or recalls. They have applied innovative technology to bring new adventure recreation equipment to the climbing, zip line, adventure and amusement industry, to make adventure activities safer while offering the ability to increase throughput. You can view the Head Rush catalogue here.

Why have ACR got involved?

Autobelays are not used extensively in the outdoor adventure industry and although a couple of years later HRT launched their zipSTOP product, it wasn’t until 2014 when they launched their QUICKjump product that we thought there would be a demand in the markets that we service. Since then we have liaised closely with a few organisations that immediately installed them to gather feedback on this new product. Overwhelmingly it has been positive!

However purchasing product (particularly high value and heavy product) from the USA is not easy so we made the decision to get involved and become a UK stockist.

What is QJ? How does it work?

View the QUICKjump Free Fall Device in action below

You can find out more information about it here but essentially it is an autobelay that has been adapted to allow an initial rapid descent, giving the rider a true ‘free-fall’ experience.

The standard QJ has a working length of 10 - 12.5M

The XL QJ has a working length of 12 – 20M

Devices can be fitted with a 1.5M or 3M ‘Ripcord’ that extends the free fall experience still further.


Why would it be of interest to the outdoor adventure market?

Because there is an element of ‘free fall’ the QJ is one level up from an autobelay in terms of the ‘thrill seeking adrenalin rush’ whilst still maintaining the confidence of the tried and trusted magnetic braking system. QJ are simple to install; can accommodate a high throughput and are easy to maintain.

View the QUICKjump Free Fall Device in action at Gilwell Scout Centre

The clip below shows the QUICKjump Free Fall Device being used at the Gilwell Scout Centre who were one of the first to install a QJ. The clip shows it being tested in front of a group of excited (and vocal) school kids!

Availability – Typically ex Stock depending on model.


Since QUICKjump incorporates a proprietary magnetic technology as the principal braking mechanism in the device the distinct absence of friction wear components in the braking system means that the unit itself is extremely low maintenance and therefore the annual operational cost is low. The main service requirement is the annual recertification. Your QUICKjump can be returned to us so that we can organise the detailed inspection and servicing of the unit.

The webbing assembly is the most likely component to experience wear and therefore the webbing must be replaced immediately it is worn or damaged or at 12 month intervals, whichever comes sooner, but this can be bought separately and replaced in the field by a competent person.

Replacement webbing assemblies available.

  • QJ standard webbing assembly
  • QJ 1.5m ripcord webbing assembly
  • QJ XL webbing assembly
  • QJ XL 1.5m ripcord webbing assembly
  • QJ XL 3.0m ripcord webbing assembly

Contact us for more details.

What other products do HRT provide?

View the Head Rush Product range video below

TRUBLUE Auto Belay

TRUBLUE Auto Belay

zipSTOP Zipline Braking system

zipSTOP Zipline Braking system
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  • LightSpeed EZ Clip Trolley
    The LightSpeed EZ Clip Trolley from Head Rush Technologies is durable and lightweight, with easy, one-handed installation (just press the trigger against the zip line).  Optional Handlebar Accessory is available - see below.   Features Made of high-strength, tempered aluminum..
    £172.00 (Plus VAT)


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