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Whether you run an Outdoor Education Centre or Adventure Park, a Scout/Guide Group, Cadets, D of E, Children's Play Centre or Farm Park - Monkey Hardware is the sensational tree friendly, fully portable climbing adventure!

ACR is the exclusive UK supplier of Monkey Hardware Climbing Sets. Monkey Sets are a unique type of climbing hold that can easily be fitted to trees and other structures to create a simple or complex climbing environment for training, teaching or just having fun!

Each set consists of a number of specially developed holds that can be fitted quickly and easily by use of tension straps, and they can be configured in lots of different ways to provide a challenge for users of different capabilities.

Climbing Monkeys should be a fun and challenging experience. The possibilities for young or old, inexperienced or competent climbers are limitless.

We have re-organised our Monkey Sets into levels of difficulty with the approximate climbing height, making it easier for you to choose which set will best suit your requirements.

Choose an 'Off the Tree' set, and you could be 'Monkeying around' within a few days!*(subject to stock availability). All of our 'Off the Tree' sets are packed with Monkeys, holds, belts, screws, allen key and a stuff sack.

Of course, if you have a specific tree or requirement in mind, we can create an exclusive set just for you! Just complete the Monkey Tree Survey, return it to and we will reply with a quotation within 48 hours.

Want a different colour than our 'Off the Tree' selection and don't mind waiting? Simply email or telephone and we can provide you with options and prices.

Monkey HardwareMonkey Hardware

For more information on fitting Monkey Hardware click here

To see Monkey Climbing using an auto belay system then click here

Belaying is a necessary part of climbing Monkeys, users should be competent to do so.  

Tree Surveys and Training

Here at ACR we are committed to ensuring your Monkey Installation is correctly installed, successful, and safe for your participants.

Tree Surveys

In the UK, it is considered to be good practice for any tree which is in a public place (or used by the public) to have an annual survey by a competent person. This may sound unbelievable and onerous but it is the advice given by most local authorities. It includes trees on private land which could threaten a highway, train track, footpath etc. With this in mind, we strongly recommend that any trees to be used for the Monkey Hardware Climbing Holds are inspected by a qualified and competent person, such as a registered Tree Consultant.


Please contact us for training information

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  • 5200010  - Treetool for Rock & Ice, Mushroom & Ice Rocker Holds
    TREETOOL FOR ROCK & ICE AND MUSHROOM HOLDS PART CODE 5200010 - price is each  The Treetool was developed to fit Rock & Ice and Mushroom holds perfectly. Color: black Due to its unique shape with a catch it can be hung into the holds perfectly. Designing it we had a close look ..
    £67.76 (Plus VAT)
  • 5210002 - Monkey Back Pack
    MONKEY BACK PACK PART CODE 5210002 It´s time to introduce the perfect backpack for our Monkey-System. Details, size, design – it´s all there! In collaboration with renowned German manufacturer Tatonka, Monkey can guarantee the best materials and quality. It is designed to carry 40 complete ..
    £75.67 (Plus VAT)
  • Monkey Set  INTERMEDIATE 4mtr
    Monkey Set INTERMEDIATE 4mtr Climb Relax - just do it! Relaxing requires a little bit of effort. Mid-sized holds with a great grip. Suitable for everybody. You must always use a belay system with our Monkey Sets - please see our related products page or contact us via telephone or email for ad..
    £336.89 (Plus VAT)
  • Monkey Set Advanced 17mtr
    Monkey Set "Advanced" 17mtr Get ready you climbers and educators out there - here comes our advanced set - Two sets of holds grant variety and multi-purpose use. Set up 1 big tree with a climbing height of 17 mtrs or two trees of 8 mtrs each - it's your choice. Best suited for experienced cl..
    £832.01 (Plus VAT)
  • Monkey Set BABY CHIMP 1.8mtr
     O K, so what are the limits for younger children?  Many of our adventure and ropes courses have height or age restrictions, so what happens to the little Monkeys who are too small to join in?  We have just the thing with our CHIMP & BABY CHIMP sets; ideal for Play Centres, B..
    £177.91 (Plus VAT)
  • Monkey Set CHIMP 1.8mtr
    Monkey Set "CHIMP" 1.8mtr Climb Assorted to suit the needs of small children.  Big colourful holds make climbing even more fun.  Great for Kindergartens, childrens play centres, or using in your own garden.  Of course it can be used for experiential education too. You must alway..
    £151.38 (Plus VAT)
  • Monkey Set EASY 4mtr
    EASY Monkey Set 4mtr Climb Set the foundation for your adventures with this set. Big holds with a comfortable grip makes this set ideal for kids, beginners and experiential education. Also suited for overhanging routes. You must always use a belay system with our Monkey Sets - please see our r..
    £339.92 (Plus VAT)
  • Monkey Set ICE CLIMBING 8mtr Climb
    Monkey Set "ICE CLIMBING" / 8mtr Climb Do you want to go Ice Climbing and not be limited to the winter?  This set features our unique holds specifically designed for drytooling.  Usings Monkeys' newly developed 'TreeTool' you can learn and perfect drytooling, anytime!  Of c..
    £585.97 (Plus VAT)
  • Monkey Set Ice Rockers & Tools
    NEW! Ice Rockers climbing holds from Monkey Hardware.   Set of 30 holds, screws and a pair of Dry Tools to double the use of your existing climbing wall.  You can use the holds without the Dry Tool as a standard hold, or with the Dry Tool to practice Ice climbing.  Be careful thoug..
    £231.92 (Plus VAT)
  • Monkey Set Mushrooms & Tools
    Mushroom climbing holds from Monkey Hardware.   Set of 20 holds, screws and a pair of Dry Tools to double the use of your existing climbing wall.  You can use the holds without the Dry Tool as a standard hold, or with the Dry Tool to practice Ice climbing.  Be careful though - it's..
    £229.41 (Plus VAT)
  • Staples - Removable Staples for Trees or Poles
    REMSTAPLE -  Removable Staples for Trees or Poles – galvanised steel, removable staple, size approx.15cm wide x 12cm diamond shaped.  Supplied with 2 of 8mmx80mm spax (torx 40 head)  screws.  Can be removed from the pole/tree to prevent access from unauthorised personnel.   ..
    £139.50 (Plus VAT)


    The Association of Scout & Guide Centres
    Institute of Outdoor Learning

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