KT860B1-015 D2 Escape Descender 15M KIT

KT860B1-015 D2 Escape Descender 15M KIT

Product Code: KT860B1-015
Price: £208.34 (Plus VAT)

D2 Escape Descender 15M KIT

The D2 Escape Descender is an innovative ‘double-stop’ Descender.  The ‘Double-stop’ function means that the D2 has a sweet spot in which descent speed can be easily controlled.  Either side of the sweet spot there is an auto-lock function – if the user lets go of the handle or if the handle is pulled too hard, it will automatically stop (often referred to as a ‘panic-stop’).  The D2 Descender is the only Micro-Descender in the world to offer this function. The D2 is CE tested to 120m maximum descent.  EN12841, NFPA 1983

The D2 can be controlled by pushing the cam (ideally using the thumb) which allows the user to smoothly feed the rope through the device, without the use of the handle.  This can feed feature is particularly useful for fast Bail-out or for work positioning during roof work for example.

It is also easy to back-feed the rope through the D2, for smooth ascending or for emergency hauling – when used as part of a 2:1 ‘Z-rig’.

Weight: 1.1kg
Rated Load*: 100kg
Rope size: 7-8mm
Body Material: Aluminium
Finish: Anodised (Red as Std – Black on request)
MBS: 13.5kN
Conformity: EN12841, NFPA 1983

*WLL can be 140kg with a direct connection

The D2 Escape Descender is supplied in KIT format only;

Technora Rope Kits – Ideal for use in situations where the main hazard is fire, such as bail-ot or evacuation from wind turbines.


  • D2 Descender
  • Technora Sling
  • KH453TL Aluminium twistlock karabiner x 2 
  • 16m 8mm Technora Rope (knot termination)
  • Zip Top Pouch
  • Additional cost for Sewn Termination £10.40



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