HB105A Hauler Biner Compact Rescue Kit

HB105A Hauler Biner Compact Rescue Kit

Product Code: HB105A
Price: £135.20 (Plus VAT)

The HaulerBiner Compact Rescue Kit ™ is a mechanical advantage system, which has three pulley wheels incorporated into each karabiner, creating a compact and lightweight 6:1 or 7:1 system.  the HaulerBiner™ has a purpose designed progress capture cam, with an 'on/off' position.  The HaulerBiner™ utilises purpose-developed 6mm diameter rope, for strength and easy handling/best grip.   Supplied in a double pocket pouch for storage on the user's harness, and easy deployment.

The HaulerBiner™ has been developed and extensively trialled throught the Rope Access, Tower Climbing and Industrial Rescue sectore, is fully rated for lifting people and is of course competitive with other systems on the market.

The HaulerBiner compact Rescue Kit can be used in a number of situations;

  • As part of a pick-off system
  • On a structure, pull down on the system and achieve a 6:1 (theoretical) mechanical advantage
  • When susended in a harness, the user can pull up on the system and achieve a 7:1 (theoretical) mechanical advantage
  • Utilise with either a D2/D4 Descender as part of a short haul/long lower system
  • As a tensioning system for short/low load lines
  • As a stretcher management device, using 2 or more HaulerBiners™ to easily change or adjust the orientation of the stretcher.

Available in various kit lengths as standard HB105 105cm, HB165 165cm, HB300 300cm (see indivudual product pages for prices).  Also available in bespoke kit lengths on request.

  • Rated Load - 140kg
  • MBS - 16kN
  • Gate Type - supersafe triple lock
  • Rope Diameter - 6mm 

See video below for the ISC HaulerBiner Compact Rescue Kit


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